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Mark Sandys, Diageo’s Chief Innovation Officer, provides his concluding foresight:

In today’s rapidly evolving world, adaptability and innovation are paramount. The trends showcased in this report underline the need for brands to embrace change, reimagine strategies, and stay agile in responding to evolving consumer needs. Some of my key takeaways are:

Holistic Sustainability

Consumers are seeking brands that align with their values, with many seeing planet-positivity as a mindset rather than an add-on. Consumers are also on the lookout for guilt-free products and services that integrate luxury and wellbeing, whilst fostering deeper connections with diverse communities. The brands that truly succeed will treat sustainability as holistically and transparently as possible.

Balancing Indulgence and Wellbeing

The pursuit of wellbeing is undergoing a transformative renaissance, colliding with the traditional notions of hedonism. Consumers are searching for balance and harmony, seeking products that not only provide indulgence but also contribute positively to their overall health and happiness. The era of guiltladen indulgence is fading, and brands must switch modern ideas of hedonism to mindfulness and sustainability.

Phygital Ubiquity

New technologies are reshaping physical experiences altogether, leveraging the advantages of both the physical and digital worlds. With this ‘phygital’ world now the norm, brands must integrate this expanding reality across all points of their consumer journey, as society increasingly looks for easy-to-adopt solutions in their everyday life.


Communities are no longer confined to geographical boundaries, sharing interests and passions with like-minded people across the globe. Brands must utilise the power of uniting diverse groups, whether this is around a social cause or a niche interest, successfully fostering a sense of belonging on a deeper, more personal level.

Embracing Change in 2024

To navigate the ever-evolving landscape of consumer trends, the power of external awareness and data-driven insights cannot be overstated. Brands at the forefront of change are those that embrace a keen understanding of their consumers and their constantly changing environments.

In an era where information is key, having the right capabilities to interpret and leverage data is the driving force behind shaping the future of consumer trends and industry dynamics. Brands that will win in 2024 will adopt the following principles:

Encourage Dialogue and Co-Create:

Make consumers a part of the process. To stay ahead, brands must tailor their marketing, innovation, and even business solutions side by side with their consumers. A consumer-centric approach, understanding their evolving needs and aspirations, is central to thriving in this dynamic landscape.

Collaborate and Partner:

Brands must build on their existing relationships, collaborate with external partners and share resources and knowledge if they want to build their brands of tomorrow. Building strategic alliances with like-minded brands, influencers, and niche communities is key to success, and is essential for enhancing brand credibility and fostering a sense of belonging.

Be Creative, with Precision:

In all trends, data is a vital resource. Brands should harness data to understand consumer behaviours, preferences, and emerging trends. Insights from data will guide future strategies.

Be Externally Aware and Constantly Listen:

This is one reason why we have produced this report – to listen to other industries and therefore stay ahead. Brands that want to win in 2024 must embark on a journey of continuous learning and adaptation, so as trends evolve, they can stay informed, experiment with new approaches, and ultimately stay attuned to their most important stakeholder – the consumer.

The future holds exciting possibilities for brands and organisations that are willing to embrace these trends with an open mind and a commitment to positive change.

By staying informed, adapting, and putting the consumer at the centre of their strategies, brands can navigate the ever-changing landscape and thrive in 2024.

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